Why Swimming Pools Boost Home Value

At Dean’s Pools and Landscaping we know it’s no secret that a private in ground swimming pool in your backyard is desirable, especially in the summer heat. But did you know that swimming is a very popular sport, relieves stress, can help potential buyers see a more desirable lifestyle, and overall offer home buyers a premier luxury experience?

Kid on a floaty in a pool

Swimming is popular

Swimming is the 4th most popular sport in America, especially among kids and teens. A family looking to buy a new home could find the presence of a swimming pool to be a must have when shopping around.

Woman relaxing in pool

Relieves stress

Much like yoga, swimming requires movements and breath that calm the body and mind. The vitamin D from the sunshine doesn’t hurt either. However, even if you aren’t an avid swimmer, just the appearance of the blue water in the backyard can have calming effects on the mind.

Pool in a backyard

Builds a desirable lifestyle

When buying a home people are looking to upgrade their lifestyle and way of living. A backyard right out of a magazine complete with a pool surely stands out!

Nice pool in a big backyard

Luxury Amenity

If magazines and TV shows have taught us anything it's that private backyard pools are a luxury, coveted by the rich and famous. The reason in-ground pools could increase your home's value as much as 7% is because they are desirable and thought of as only for the rich and famous.

Swimming pools boost home value, it’s a fact! The 4 reasons listed above are only a few of the many benefits adding a backyard pool to your home is a great investment to your wallet and even your health! With our easy and fun process, we make it a breeze to get relaxing pool-side! Contact us today to start relaxing in style today!

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