The Best Time to Landscape Your Yard

At Dean’s Pools and Landscaping, we care about your landscaping needs and the longevity of your yard. We know it is the most important thing to not only make sure your yard looks good today, but lasts through every season. Read below to learn about the four main types of landscaping and the best times to tackle each project!

Installing a pool in a backyard

Installing a Pool

When installing an in ground swimming pool it is important to consider the ground where your future pool will sit. Summer and Fall in Indiana are the best times to install because the weather is nicer and the ground is not frozen, making excavating and installing easier and faster.

Grilling in an outdoor kitchen

Upgrading with an Outdoor Kitchen

Late winter, could actually be the best time to install an outdoor kitchen. This is because you can start the process of installing and be ready for barbeques by the time school is out and summer begins.

Patio with outdoor furniture

Patio and Concrete Work

Fall is the best time to upgrade your outdoor space with a patio or concrete. As summer is too hot and can make the concrete brittle and winter is too cold and prolong the curing process of the concrete.

Garden in a backyard

Classic Garden and lawn

Spring is considered the best time to plant a garden or lay new sod or grass seed. Spring time is a time for rebirth and renewal and planting is the same way, which is why it is considered the best time to plant a garden or lay new sod or grass seed. One good rule of a green thumb is to wait until after the last frost of the year, here in Indiana that is usually around Mother’s Day.

The best time to landscape your yard may surprise you, based on the type of project you are looking to tackle! We’d love to talk with you about your landscaping needs and how to make anything from your grass to new outdoor kitchen last a lifetime! Give us a call today!

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