Snow and Ice Control

Indiana suffers from 14 to up to 76 inches of snow every year. And you know for sure that this range of snow fall is enough to be an everyday winter nuisance. Luckily, our age has evolved into a more complex society with more options for snow and ice control. Every residential or commercial property owner can do something. The Indiana government does something. But there are special kinds of snow and ice control that Dean's Lawns & Landscaping can do, too.

What You Can Do For Snow and Ice Control

Snow and Ice Control Unfortunately, thick snow or ice is not only an annoyance. It can be very dangerous also. The best you can do and contribute to this seasonal problem is by keeping yourself safe especially when driving in winter. It's best to rather keep yourself safe indoors, though, than try to drive out in a heavy snow. But if you need to, make sure to have a winter survival kit inside your car that will include shovel, ice scraper, sand, tow rope, booster cables, antifreeze, road flares, and similar safety tools.

The same tools can be used to shovel snow out of your driveway. But when doing this, do it very carefully or you might hurt yourself or damage the expensive driveway material. When it comes to the entire landscape, you need more snow removal tools and equipment. This will ensure that the snow and ice control measures that you implement is successful.

Although Indiana Government does something for snow and ice control, what they do is not intended for everyone's complete satisfaction. The government has contractors like us to do winter clearing on highways and other public places. But the contract often excludes clearing every house of snow. So it's more likely you have to do the snow and ice removal yourself.

What We Can Do For Snow and Ice Control

It is true that neighbors, friends, and family are always ready to help. But in a heavy snow fall, they also have their own homes to worry about. Do not be a burden to anyone. You don't have to do everything by yourself. You can hire our team to do the snow and ice control.

Our company has been providing variety of lawn and landscaping services in northwest Indiana and Chicagoland Area for more than 20 years now. We are not the usual architect-contractor that does every aspect of construction. Our company is proud to specialize on designing, installation, and maintenance of lawns and landscaping.

Snow and ice control is part of our maintenance services. And we do it with care. Our snow and ice control methods were developed with plants, stones, and other landscaping elements in mind. We don't only have passion and experience, we also have the complete equipment and materials to do the job fast, with caution, and with high satisfaction. Every snow and ice control job that we do is done with a team of skilled professionals.

Don't wait 'til the worst happens in your home. Contact us by phone or by our online form and we'll promptly attend to your snow and ice control needs.