Shrub and Tree Pruning and Shaping

Shrub and Tree Pruning and Shaping The Hoosier State has a fairly good weather condition and topography. As such, a variety of evergreen trees and shrubs grow well within the State. When residents opt to create landscapes out of these trees and shrubs, one should also take into consideration maintenance.

Proper shrub or tree pruning and shaping is a must for several reasons. It is a must to maintain the health of the plant. Pruning and shaping helps improve the quality of the flowers, foliage, fruits or stems. Shrubs shaping restrict its growth. Shaping and pruning is sometimes necessary especially with trees that grow too large or become unsightly. When properly done, pruning and shaping of shrubs can train them how to grow physically.

Commonly Used Trees and Shrubs for Landscapes

Some of the popularly known trees and shrubs that most Indiana residents use for their landscapes are as follows:

  1. Rose of Sharon – Popular and attractive specifically during the summer season, this flowering shrub is available in pink, purple and white. Popularly used as an accent to landscape designs, others used them as some sort of demarcation line in between property lines but pruning is still necessary.

  2. Hydarangea shrubs – these types of shrubs live well when used in woodland gardens or informal borders. They come in various colors specifically in pinks, blues and whites. They are clustered and bloom in summer.

  3. Boxwood – are commonly used as accent plants and for contemporary landscapes so shaping is common. They prefer partial shade and yield small flowers. Careful care though is necessary for this type of shrub as they are susceptible to a number of diseases, thus ground should not be over-saturated.

  4. Norway Spruce – otherwise known as Picea abies, this tree grows up to 40-60 feet and 25-30 feet in width. They are commonly used as a windbreaker and can tolerate drought.

When to Prune and Shape Your Shrubs and Trees

Shrubs and trees may be pruned or shaped anytime of the year. However, the number of times in a year is dependent on the type of tree or shrub that you have. Although pruning and shaping your trees or shrubs at the wrong time of the year does not kill it, continuous improper pruning and shaping would cause unhealthy plants or worst it might be damaged as well.

Thus, it is of prime importance that you get the services of a professional landscaper. At Dean's Lawns & Landscaping, we know which time of the year to prune and shape your trees or shrubs and how many times. For example, we do not recommend pruning or shaping shrubs and trees during spring where new growth develops.

Moreover, we also know the correct way of doing it not to mention the correct usage of tools and equipment for pruning and shaping. Pruning trees is also a serious job that must be handled by experienced personnel. The proper use of pruning and cutting tools is a must to avoid accidents and damage to adjacent trees, shrubs and other landscape elements. Our team can provide pruning and shaping services whether you are in Indiana or Illinois. Call us now.