Mulch Installation

Mulches are materials used as a protective cover over soil to retain its moisture and thus improve it as well. Most of the time landscapers and professional arborists use shrubs, trees and flowering plants native to Indiana. But not all soils in Indiana can perfectly grow these plants. That is the reason why most landscapers install mulches to ensure soil's nutrients and moisture is maintained. Aside from that, mulches are also a good way of preventing soil erosion.

Mulch Installation, Dyer, IN

Types of Mulches

Mulch installation is needed to meet various landscaping requirements. Mulches are used to prevent weeds, protect and retain moisture, and improve the appearance of the landscape. It may also be used to prevent dirt and mud, thus mulches may be seen on patios and pathways as well. When doing mulch installation, they are typically layered 2-4-inches and are spread on areas needed. There are mulches that need to be replaced yearly to maintain its primary function.

Most professional landscapers use several types of mulches. Dean's Lawn and Landscaping can also provide any type of mulch. But before we do the mulch installation, we recommend site inspection to determine the landscape's actual need for mulches. Some of the common mulch that can be applied on your landscape is given below.

  1. Cocoa Bean Shells – Shells of cocoa beans are also used as mulches. It is good for prevention of termite and slug infestation as well. However, it is not advisable to use cocoa shells if homeowners have pets as dogs get sick when they eat cocoa bean shells.

  2. Wood – One of the most popular mulches professional landscapers use are wood. Some of the variants may include shredded hardwood, pine needles or bar, cypress and cedar. However, your landscape professional is your best bet to determine what type of wood mulches to use on what type of shrubs or trees.

  3. Rubber and Stone – Recycled rubber, often used in playgrounds can also be used as mulches. It's long lasting and more appropriate for playground use, pathways or patios. However, there are cases where rubber and stone is also used for landscaping beds. The only disadvantage of this type of mulches is that removing it for replacement takes time.

  4. Free Mulch – Mulches mentioned earlier are almost always bought depending on weight and the area where you intend to put it. However, we also have grass cuttings, leaf mold and compost used as mulches. They are especially beneficial during winter and summer season as they provide extra protection from extreme temperatures.

Mulch Installation by Professional Landscapers

Organic or inorganic, mulches are a great way of protecting and providing that extra moisture and nutrient your soil may need. However, it is best that a professional does the mulch installation. They know best what type of mulches to install and at the same time the amount of mulches to apply.

Dean's Lawn and Landscaping are professional mulch installers. We could advice you on the best areas your mulches must be installed aside from providing you the installation as we have the expertise needed and tools to perform the job. We have been in the business for 20 years as a full service landscaping company so you are assured of efficient mulch installation in your landscape.