Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization and Weed Control, Crown Point IN If you love to see blooming trees, flowers, and shrubs but don't know how to do the right care, always contact a professional landscaper. Proper landscape maintenance requires ample knowledge and skills plus the use of appropriate landscaping tools and supplies.

Plants of all sorts, whether in the wild or in well-kept gardens and yards need fertilization. All gardens and manicured lawns also require weed control for plants to stay healthy. Fertilization and weed control are just some of the important maintenance task for a landscaper. These tasks must be done on a regular basis and at the right time. Indiana and Illinois residents should not worry if they can't do the fertilization and weed control because Dean's Lawns & Landscaping is always ready to provide this kind of landscape maintenance service.

Homeowners usually ask us about the right and proper way of applying fertilizers and on how to go about controlling harmful weeds. Are organic fertilizers better than synthetic ones or are weed killers really necessary? What are the type of fertilizers used for flowering plants, shrubs and trees? For inexperienced landscaper, questions such as these are common. But bothering yourself with these questions is a waste of time. It is better to let professionals do the job like hiring the services of Dean's Lawns & Landscaping. Fertilization and weed control is one of our specialties.

Factors to Consider Fertilization and Weed Control

There are several factors to consider when applying fertilizers or controlling weeds in the lawn or landscape. The season and geographical location is always considered when doing these landscape maintenance jobs. Below are some of the pointers that Indiana residents can follow:

  • Determine your grass type. Before going to a garden supply store you first have to know what kind of grass and other plants you have in your garden or lawn. Most of the grasses in our country are well suited for areas that have hot and cold weather. In the southern parts, the color of warm-season grasses becomes brown when the first frost comes. In the north, cool-season grasses are evergreen.

  • Soil test. Test your soil for the pH balance. This will help you decide whether fertilization and/or weed control is necessary. Grass grows best when the soil has a 6.0 or 7.0 pH balance.

  • Fall and Spring Season. Preferably, the best time for fertilization and weed control is in the fall. It is in the months of August to November when cool-season grasses react best to weed control and fertilization. In spring, fertilizing the plants and controlling the weeds must be performed but with just a bit of application to promote growth without over-fertilization that weakens the roots. Should you over-fertilize in spring, expect weeds growing out in full in summer.

The Job for Expert Landscapers

Dean's Lawns & Landscaping has been in the landscaping business for more than a decade. With the various landscaping projects that we complete and maintained, we can say that we are not only knowledgeable but also experts in this field. Landscape maintenance is a complex job. Each specific task requires proper training and skills even if it is about fertilization and weed control in the landscape. Residents of Hammond, Griffith, Highland, and other Indiana cities rely on us when it comes to fertilization and weed control.