Shrub & Tree Pruning and Shaping

Shrub & Tree Pruning and Shaping in Indiana

The Hoosier State has fairly good weather conditions and topography. As such, a variety of evergreen trees and shrubs grow well in Indiana. When residents opt to include trees and shrubs in their landscapes, they should take into consideration the maintenance and upkeep that are required to keep them looking great. That’s why Dean’s Pools and Landscaping offers landscape and design services in Indiana, including tree shaping and shrub pruning! Our crew of local landscapers will have your trees and shrubs looking pristine with just one visit. Contact us today to schedule tree and shrub shaping and pruning.

Proper shrub and tree pruning and shaping are crucial for several reasons. Regular tree and shrub pruning and shaping help improve the quality of the flowers, foliage, fruits, and stems. Shrub pruning and shaping restrict the growth, giving it a neat and controlled look within your landscape. Shaping and pruning can be a necessary part of shrub and tree care, not only for the health of the plants but also for trees that become too large or unsightly. When properly done by your expert local landscapers at Dean’s Pools and Landscaping, tree shaping and shrub pruning can train them to grow in the ideal shape and direction!


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    Some of the most popular trees and shrubs used in landscapes for Indiana homes and businesses include:

  1. Rose of Sharon – Popular and attractive specifically during the summer season, this flowering shrub is available in pink, purple, and white. Commonly used as an accent to landscape designs, they can be used as a demarcation line between property lines, but pruning is still necessary.
  2. Hydrangea Shrubs – These beautiful, flowering shrubs live well when used in woodland gardens or informal borders. They come in various colors, including pink, blue, and white. They are clustered and bloom in summer.

  3. Boxwood – These popular landscaping shrubs are commonly used as accent plants and for contemporary landscapes, so shrub pruning and shaping are often part of their upkeep. They prefer partial shade and yield small flowers. Careful care is necessary for this type of shrub, as they are susceptible to several diseases. Avoid over-saturating the ground when watering these shrubs to avoid most diseases.
  4. Norway Spruce – The Norway Spruce, otherwise known as Picea Abies is a beautiful tree that grows up to 40-60 feet tall and up to 25-30 feet in width. They are commonly used as a windbreaker and can tolerate drought, making them an excellent addition to your landscaping design in Indiana.


Shrubs and trees may be pruned or shaped at any time of the year. However, the frequency of pruning and shaping is dependent on the type of tree or shrub you have. Although pruning and shaping your trees or shrubs at the wrong time of the year does not kill them, continuous improper pruning and shaping can cause unhealthy plants or cause damage to the plant.

Thus, it is of prime importance that you trust a professional landscaper in Indiana in Indiana to handle your tree and shrub pruning and shaping. At Dean's Lawns & Landscaping, we know which time of the year to prune and shape your trees or shrubs and how often to perform these services. For example, we do not recommend pruning or shaping shrubs and trees during spring when new growth is developing.

Our expert team of landscape professionals is experienced in the correct methods of tree shaping and shrub pruning to ensure the plants within your landscape thrive! We take care to use the best tools and equipment for pruning and shaping, giving you beautiful results each time. Tree pruning can be a dangerous job, which is why it should only be handled by experienced personnel. When you choose Dean’s Pools & Landscaping, you can trust that we will properly prune and shape your trees and shrubs to avoid accidents and damage to the trees, plants, and other elements of your landscape.

Dean’s Pools & Landscaping offers tree shaping and shrub pruning services in Indiana and Illinois! Get in touch with the best local landscapers in the area today for more information on our services.

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