Seasonal Flower Display

Seasonal Flower Display

Even the most beautiful landscape will become a bore if it doesn't improve or at least change a bit. That's why to give pleasing entertainment, we strongly suggest including seasonal flower display to any Indiana landscape. The seasonal flower display will ensure that the outdoors is always in full-bloom no matter what the season is.

Don't feel guilty if you just love seeing flowers bloom but hate the leg work. We'll do the legwork for you. With our professional and passionate hands, your garden will always have a beautiful seasonal flower display. All you need to do is choose the kind of display you want and we'll make it done.




Flowering plants have two general types—the annuals and perennials. Annuals grow and bloom once and then die after that while perennials will grow, bloom, and also die but will grow back once the season is right. But what makes annual plants wonderful for gardening is that your options can be limitless while perennials only have fewer to choose from.

Perennials don't need much care, though. Just let them die when they need to and wait for them to grow and bloom again. But annuals are better for seasonal flower display. However, this entails a lot of work.

Most annuals survive only for one season. That means reseeding will be necessary before the first season ends. That's why we create a handy plan to schedule the next seeding for our client's landscape. Our team insures that before the currently blooming flowers die down, there will be the next generation of flowers ready for the seasonal flower display.

Violets, trilliums, toothwort, cinquefoil, and spring beauty are just few of the many varieties of seasonal flower display for spring. Bluets, breeches, spiderwort, and prairie sundrop are great during summer while the common blue violet, yarrow, hedge bindweed, and loosestrife are best during fall. Winter will never stop the bloom from happening. Tulips and roses can thrive well in the chilling Indiana and Illinois with proper care.

Actually, a seasonal flower display is not necessary if you choose to plant all-season flowers. But you will miss the entertainment factor that only seasonal flowers can provide.


What if you simply want to impress guests on a very special event in your home? Of course, the landscape must have its regular seasonal flower display to do that. The problem is, the flowers are not blooming yet or maybe you want to make sure that there are flowers everywhere during that big day. No worries, flowers for rent will come to the rescue.

Dean's Pools & Landscaping has a huge nursery where we grow flowers and other kinds of plants that are ready for delivery. Simply transfer them to anywhere you want. Et viola! Your landscape will have instantly colorful and blooming garden and plant beds.

Renting of flowers will not last forever, though. Options on seasonal flower display will not last a lifetime, too. But with proper care, you surely can have a colorful outdoor all year round. We'll help you plan this magical display that changes with every season. Our gardeners know how to creatively play with flowers and their colors. Just tell us what you want and we'll get it done—even if it is the most intricate seasonal flower display in Indiana.

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