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In-Ground Pool Design Options

Dean's Pools & Landscaping can design a custom swimming pool to your specifications or add a world of features to your existing pool. Explore some of the popular in-ground pool design options you can consider for your pool.


Custom in-ground Jacuzzis and hot tubs offer many benefits when they go along with your pool. Your Dean's Pools & Landscaping poolside designer can design and build custom hot tubs that match your pool’s aesthetics and complement the pool area. Some of the key benefits of creating this feature are as follows:

  • Accenting the Landscape: No other spa can complement your landscape better than an in-ground custom spa. Such a spa can also be designed to act as a centerpiece for your new landscape.
  • Proximity to Pool: In-ground hot tubs and Jacuzzis are almost always installed close to the pool. This allows you to sink easily into a warm spa after a long swim. Besides, it is aesthetically pleasing and saves the cost of installation and maintenance.
  • Custom Features: A custom, in-ground spa allows you to add features of your choice. Some of the custom features you can add include intricate tile work or stonework, spa seating, steps and ledges, lighting, and fixtures.


A wet bar is both an aesthetic and practical addition to an in-ground pool. There are two areas to this feature – the wet and the dry areas.

The wet area features:

  • Submerged barstools with an elevated flat serving area
  • Built-in shallow areas 30 inches to 42 inches deep
  • Perfect for swimmers to stay partially submerged
  • Built in any shape and style
  • Mostly 6 inches above the pool coping

The dry area features:

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Serving amenities
  • TV for swimmers to watch
  • Additional seating for guests

A wet bar is perfect for entertaining guests. Everyone can stay in the water and enjoy drinks or meals or watch TV. It can also be an excellent space for kids to enjoy swimming while you can cook or barbeque. If you already have an outdoor kitchen, a wet bar can save space by connecting your pool with it.


Adding a sun deck to your pool can add versatility. It is an excellent in-ground pool feature for all kinds and ages of swimmers. Your Premier Pools and Spas pool designer should create a sun deck that serves a multitude of purposes.

  • Refreshing Experience: You can feel quickly refreshed without the need to dive all in. It is also an excellent feature to spend time with friends and family with your feet dangling in the water.
  • Sun Bathing: You can lay in a sun deck and relax in the sun with just the lower half of your body submerged in water.
  • Ideal for Kids: A sun deck is a safe and fun place for children to play and practice their swimming.


Diving boards are a fun recreational feature that can be added to in-ground pools. Today, having a board is a unique thing in itself. If you want to add a great fun factor to your pool, it is an excellent feature. It makes your pool a more profound aquatic playground.

Proper pool construction and the ideal backyard setting can make diving boards a thrilling addition. When professionally installed according to safety regulations and well maintained, diving boards can be a great source of exercise and fun for your family.


Beach entry pools have a striking aesthetic appeal to them, but they also offer many recreational and practical benefits. Your pool design company will work with you to create a beach entry pool of your choice. You can have the slope extended to your liking, with or without steps descending into the pool. Some of the key benefits of this in-ground pool design include:

  • Add built-in sunbathing spots and tanning shelves
  • Create a splash zone for kids to play in and learn swimming
  • Create a topical feeling by adding exotic trees and plants around your pool
  • Add complementing hardscaping, decorative and layout additions

Also known as a zero-entry pool, this design also allows easy access to people with disabilities.

Dean's Pools & Landscaping are an experienced pool builder with over 20 years in the industry. Contact us today to discuss your unique pool design ideas by calling 219-864-9078.